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Buying and Selling during the Pandemic-era Real Estate Market

This market has been a windfall for sellers, and a headache for buyers as the shortage of for sale homes continues to boost prices across the nation forcing house hunters to go to extremes to win bids.

If you do not need to buy now, my recommendation is to hold off.  If you have sold your home and need to buy now, no worries, just please be prepared to make a firm offer at asking price or above asking.  Be prepared, you may need to give the sellers other creative advantages along with your offer such as waiving contingencies, meaning no inspection or mortgage financing.  Come prepared with your Pre-Approval Letter in hand, as your preapproval will accompany your offer.  In this crazy market, I have even had one buyer offer the seller a free rental for 60 days, just to get the home the buyers desired.  In this competitive housing market, buyers are working harder than ever to set themselves apart.

My recommendation, sell if you desire and buy if you desire.  Do not let the crazy market drive you to a decision you may not be happy with in the long run.  In my experience, there will always be a house on the market that will be a perfect fit for you.   Know that if you have already sold your home and are looking for a new home, it could be fun to rent, sit back, wait for the market to settle down, and start your search all over again.    We are realtors and only work when the market works, but it is our desire to have our clients be happy with their choices and get a good, but fair market value for a property that they are buying or selling.
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Inside Tip – For Selling Your Home in Solivita

We are often asked if we host open houses, Of Course We do. Remember Solivita is a Gated Community, so an open house is visited by residents and a few guests who are visiting the community. Rarely does an open house in Solivita produce a buyer; instead Open Houses in our Community produce the opportunity for your neighbors to take a peek at your home. In addition, the HOA guidelines in Solivita permit only one sign in front of your home, so unless your home is on a main thoroughfare, chances are your sign will not even be seen. Our Marketing Strategy is extensive. Nationwide, we target our marketing to the 50+ population using advanced Software and our “State of the Art” Marketing Team, plus we utilize all levels of Social Media. We also participate in the Solivita Broker Caravan every 2 weeks with the Cooperating Realtors in Solivita. This is the perfect opportunity for every realtor in the group to showcase their new listings and show your home to every Realtor in attendance. The Caravan offers a Wonderful Moment for your Realtor to highlight the special features of your home and property. Together the group discusses the features their buyer pool is seeking and the features in your home. In addition, this is a wonderful chance for our Realtors to provide feedback on your home and to formulate design ideas for their client presentation of your home. During a recent Realtor Caravan, over 30 realtors visited each of the homes we showcased. The week following the Caravan, quite a few homes were given showings and shortly thereafter were under contract. The Caravan is an invaluable opportunity to show your home off to the realtors, plus offers every realtor the chance to discuss their client needs and provide your listing agent the opportunity to show why your home is a MUST SEE on every Realtor’s Show List. When you are seeking a listing agent, one of the key questions to ask your realtor is “Are they members of the Solivita Broker Caravan”. Choosing a Realtor is an important financial decision and Participating Realtors in the Solivita Real Estate Caravan SUCCESSFULLY SELL HOMES!!!
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Time to List Your Home Means Time to Find the Right Realtor.

Bella Verde Realty has 9 Licensed Real Estate Agents that Live and Work in Solivita. Each of our agents are Knowledgeable and Experienced in listing and selling homes in our Community and the surrounding areas. Every BVR Agent offers our clients a positive, successful, and unique experience. Bella Verde Realty Prides itself in our ability to market your home and maximize your return on investment. Look around our website, explore each realtor’s bio and decide which realtor best fits you. Our realtors will educate you while walking you through the Experience of Selling or Buying a Home in Solivita. After all we are not just selling homes; but selling a Lifestyle too. Bella Verde Realty will help you avoid the three biggest mistakes that sellers often make when using an inexperienced realtor, or a realtor inexperienced in selling Solivita. Call Us Today, Stop By our Office, and See for Yourself how Bella Verde Will Successfully Market and Sell Your Home Quickly for the Right Price. Since We are the TOP SELLING BROKERAGE in Solivita, chances are we will not only list your home but sell your home too. When any one of our 9 agents bring an accepted buyer contract to one of our own listings, we always extend a 1% Total Commission Discount to you. Reducing commission to 5%. That is money in your pocket!
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Tips for Getting Top Dollar for Your Home

If you are reading our newsletter, congratulations, you have come to the right place when choosing the BEST REALTY Company to provide Real Estate Services to you and your family. A member of our team will be happy to come out to your home and perform a complete Home Value Assessment for you, plus share with you the SUCCESSFUL Marketing Strategies Bella Verde Realty Employs. Bella Verde Realty has a great online marketing presence, a large group of knowledgeable, experienced Realtors, and a proven, successful track record. We are consistently ranked as ONE OF the TOP REALTORS in SOLIVITA. Please call us today to arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.

Following find a few tips to help you get the best price for your home:

  1. Fix Everything including broken faucets, door handles, and make sure nothing annoying or embarrassing is visible that could spoil a showing.
  2. Paint the interior rooms in your home a neutral color.
  3. If you have a tile roof, have it cleaned. Removing the dull look from a roof can make it look newer and reduce buyer concerns.
  4. Tidy up all interior and exterior spaces for the best listing photos possible.
  5. Curb Appeal is very important as the potential buyer’s decision is, many times, made from the street. So, it pays to do a little landscaping, fix any broken or raised sidewalk pieces. If you have a lanai, and are in residence, add a few colorful potted plants. An attractive lanai is a good selling feature. Flaunt your space by adding attractive, colorful pillows, and set your table to enhance that welcome home feeling. Stage your residence so it appeals to potential buyers, and you want potential buyers to see themselves and their loved ones enjoying and living in your space.
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Housing Market Predictions for 2020 are Positive

As we move into snowbird season, sales typically heat up in Solivita and in the warmer climates throughout the USA, but in Solivita, we have a new factor to add to the HOT Solivita Real Estate Market. Taylor Morrison is in the final phase of building out Solivita, making this the last opportunity to purchase a new home in our community. The new models are luxurious, spacious, and priced to sell. Overall, 2019 Solivita real estate sales have been strong and our inventory of resale homes remains low. A low inventory helps to drive sales and home prices upward, making it a good time to sell in Solivita and a great time to jump into the new home market.
Overall sales of homes in the US picked up in Q1 and Q2 and the preliminary numbers for Q3 are looking good. Economists suggest that sales are recovering from the recent economic lull caused by the trade transition and changing interest rates. The Q1 and Q2 economic reports add confidence and fuel as we head into the winter buying season. Builder confidence has returned as evidenced by all the building around our neighborhood and throughout the USA. When you combine builder confidence with the recent positive economic data, all signals are pointing to NOW being the perfect time to buy. Remember, a Bella Verde Realty salesperson will provide guidance, advice, and our sharp negotiating skills for you when you are buying a new home. Bella Verde Realty will provide this service at NO COST to YOU. The commissions are paid by the Seller/Builder and without your own Realtor assisting you in this very important transaction your best interests are not protected. Please do not enter into such an important transaction without the benefit of a qualified realtor at your side. Call any of our realtors to ask about this service.
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Good News with Florida Real Estate

Currently the entire state of Florida is seeing noteworthy appreciation in real estate values for multiple reasons. Our population is booming; in fact, 1,000 new residents arrive each day in our area contributing to home demand. Florida is one of the fastest growing states in the U. S. with the large number of snowbirds and retirees and Florida has the highest percentage of senior citizens in the nation helping to drive retirement home demand. Our appealing subtropical climate has helped to create strong housing demand in the vacation home real estate markets too. Solivita is currently in the final phase of building, helping to raise home values in our community. The good news continues, as it is not only retirees flocking to Florida, but folks of all ages and education levels. The jobs are here, Florida’s gross domestic product is growing rapidly and has now eclipsed the national GDP growth rate. Our leading industries include tourism, agriculture, construction, aerospace and international trade. Florida is the place to live, work, raise your family, plus enjoy your retirement. This state has it all: jobs, great sunny weather, beautiful beaches, wildlife, lakes, ponds and multiple investment opportunities. If you are considering purchasing a home, condo or townhouse in Florida, now is a prime time to buy. A Bella Verde Realtor will help get you into the Florida real estate market at an affordable housing cost. Just call any of our realtors and let us know your desires; square footage, location, number of bedrooms, view, desired spend, etc. and we will show you new and resale homes. You do not even have to be here to see our offerings, you can do virtual walk throughs of every property via the computer. When you see a home, you would like to personally visit, we will set up an appointment and happily show you around. The benefit to buying now; you will enjoy your investment and the community, plus achieve the side benefit of property appreciation; building future wealth and security for you and your family.
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Want to Supplement your Income?

A Reverse Mortgage is not for everyone, but it may be for you.
A Reverse Mortgage will work for you if you meet the following criteria:
  1. Are you a homeowner over 62 years of age?
  2. Have you paid off your mortgage or paid down a large portion of your mortgage?
  3. Do you currently live in your home?

If you can answer yes to the above three questions, you are eligible to participate in the FHA’s HECM Program. This program is the only reverse mortgage insured by the U.S. Federal Government and is called a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). The HECM is FHA’s reverse mortgage program that will enable you to withdraw a portion of your home’s equity. The amount available to you is dependent upon the factors below:
  1. The age of the youngest borrower or eligible non-borrowing spouse.
  2. The current interest rate.
  3. The appraised value of your home or the HECM FHA mortgage limit or the sales price.
  4. A financial assessment of your willingness and ability to pay property taxes and homeowners insurance.

In general, the older you are, the more equity you have in your home, and the less you owe on your home, the more money you can get.
To locate a reverse mortgage counselor near you, search the HECM Counselor Roster or call 800-569-4287.
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Simple, Inexpensive Staging Tips

  • Freshen up your landscape by adding brightly colored flowers to your entry, porch and garden. A welcoming entry adds to the curb appeal of your home and invites potential buyers in.
  • Spruce up your pavers, sidewalk and entrance area with a power wash. Your entry will appear brighter and your home will make a good first impression.
  • Light the lights, open the blinds. - simple fact: a bright, sunlit home sells faster than a home with a dark, moody appearance. 95% of my buyers ask for a home with natural light.
  • If you have any rooms painted in a dark color. Simply buy a gallon of paint in a neutral color and lighten up the dark walls. Light, neutral colors make rooms appear larger and will redirect the focus from a dark wall color to your home’s special features.
  • If you use candles for ambiance or scent, use the battery-operated candles. These candles will create a nice atmosphere and a warm glow in your home without creating a fire hazard.
  • Keep your home temperature comfortable. A cool home will encourage a potential buyer to spend time when viewing your home. Your home will sell quicker than a hot, uncomfortable home will.
  • Always declutter your home and your closets. Moving is the perfect time to reduce your footprint. Donate items, sell items, or simply box up your items to move to your next address. The goal is to have your home appear spacious and appealing with plenty of storage space. Please do not declutter your home and stuff items into a closet. After decluttering, keep your closets organized and clutter free, and always remember to close closet doors when your home is being shown.
  • Keep all toilet lids down and maintain clean bathrooms. A dirty bathroom is a big turn off to a potential buyer.
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Welcome to Real Estate 101: Determining the List Price for Your Home.

Every seller wants to get the maximum price for their home when selling their property. At Bella Verde Realty, we not only help you get the best price for your home, but as professional realtors we strive to partner with every client and engage each client completely in the transaction. We believe this philosophy is the key to creating satisfied, happy, knowledgeable home owners and sellers.

The sale price of your home is based upon many factors; the condition of the property, the COMPS (comparatives) in your neighborhood, and LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. If you already live in Solivita, your home is in a good location and a good neighborhood. The next factors used in determining the value of your home: the model, the square footage, the location of the property within your community, the condition of your home and the upgrades. The community of Solivita is known as a Production Community. Translation – a community with one builder, with set model homes. Example - if you own an Operetta Model Home, the base value of your home will be compared to other Operetta Model Homes. The next step an experienced realtor will take is to visit you and your property for a listing appointment. During this meeting a good realtor will come prepared with basic information on your home and your lot.

For example, a good realtor will know if you are on an oversized lot, on conservation, or a pond lot, or any other special lot features that may exist. During this listing appointment the realtor will do a walk-through of your home to review improvements and changes you have made, and the general condition of your property; both inside and outside. Your realtor will be looking to see the age of your roof, age and condition of your kitchen and bathrooms, age of your appliances, HVAC, plus any other updates to the floorplan. Once your realtor has completed their walk through, the above factors are considered and a value for sale will be determined. If you feel comfortable with the realtor and the determined price, the next step is to sign the paperwork and clear away any clutter; as your home will be on the market. Photos will be taken for the website and potential buyers will be viewing your home on the web and visiting your property with a realtor. A good realtor will take care of arranging all appointments and keeping you apprised of all developments.
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Hosting a Broker’s Open House

Realtors in Solivita typically host a broker’s open house, inviting local realtors and industry professionals to view your residence upon listing your home for sale. A broker’s open house gives your listing more exposure and allows realtors to gather informed feedback from other real estate professionals. If your home shows well, the agents who toured your home may recommend your home to one or more of their buyer clients. The more “buzz” we can generate the better the chance of planting a SOLD sign on your front lawn in a timely manner. I forward all broker comments to the seller and the experts at Bella Verde Realty review all comments as well. If your home does not get great reviews, do not be upset, this is our opportunity to make a few subtle changes while we keep showing your home. Relax, your home will sell. We know it can be a stressful process, but it will be worth it in the end. Bella Verde Realty also hosts Client Open Houses. Usually these open houses are set on a Saturday or a Sunday for a few hours in the afternoon. I always suggest when we host a Client Open House that the sellers place fresh flowers in a vase in the entry and set their dining room table as if they were hosting a small dinner party. The key is to make your home inviting and warm to a prospective buyer. You want the buyer to see themselves living in and loving your home. A neglected home is an invitation to a low offer. A well cared for home is inviting and will secure solid, reasonable offers. Whenever your house is on the market, it needs to be show ready. Light the lights as light brightens the space and makes rooms appear larger. Open all curtains and blinds and let the natural light stream in. Always remember that buyers will judge your home on the outside too. Spruce up your porch furniture, make sure the shrubs are looking good, and if your outside entry provides space for a few plants, place a few freshly potted flowers around to add color and interest. The most important thing is to stay open to buyers’ comments and to follow your agent’s advice. Whatever the advice, remember it is NOT PERSONAL - it is just the business of selling your home.