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Every Reason You Need to Avoid Buying or Selling Without an Agent

Many things are doable with a little bit of research and time, but is buying or selling without an agent a gamble you are ready to take? A real estate agent has put hundreds and hundreds of hours into market research, developing skill sets, and creating systems that will allow them to out perform other agents in their market. Your greatest ally and strategy for buying or selling is to have an expert agent by your side. If you're still not convinced, here are 5 reasons buying or selling without an agent is something you want to avoid:

1. Your Knowledge of the Market

When is the last time you spent hours upon hours studying market conditions and what buyers and sellers are looking for? Do you know who the ideal buyer audience is and how to reach them? How about the agents who most often deal with this particular audience? Knowing the market means you know what the asking price to sell price ratio is for the area, most common terms of sales in the area, and the average number of days a house is on the market. If you're buying, you most likely have a price range you want to stay in as well as features you want in your home. A realtor can educate you on what is possible with the price range and financing you will have. Also, a great agent can help you avoid costly mistakes that are often due to not being fully informed on the area the home is located in.

2. Agents Are Expert Negotiators

Real estate is a game of strategy. Having the right strategy for countering low offers when selling, or getting a better deal when buying is not a simple matter. Knowledge about the other party and about the market allows expert realtors develop the appropriate strategy for getting the price price possible when buying or selling. Also, negotiation often causes emotional distress so having a third party involved is essential for preventing negative outcomes when it comes to negotiating.

3. Agents Are Problem Solvers

The appraisal and/or inspection didn't go the way you wanted? What to do in such a situation? A buyer will likely run away from the sell or try to take advantage of the situation buy submitting a low offer. An expert real estate agent can have issues resolved quickly and effectively thanks to their knowledge and experience.

4. Marketing Toolbox

Positioning a home in the proper light is what an expert agent does best. Things like staging the home for an open house and getting the right photo or video to show off the home are things an agent does best. An agent will tell your home's story and will get potential buyers to envision themselves in it as their new home. This could result in offers above asking price and selling the home quickly.

5. Agents Know People

Agents are well connected and can make those connections act quickly in cases where time is of the essence. These connections range from home service providers, lenders, and other agents to help make the sale happen. Agents also have access to properties which are not yet listed, and can help you get an early bid in. Or, agents often know of special offers and incentives from builders which are not advertised which means savings.