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Active Adult Communities

If you subscribe to the belief that retirement is time of rest, relaxation and enjoyment, then living in an Active Adult Community is the ideal thing for you. An Active Adult Community is one that features housing developments specifically designed for people
55 and over. These communities feature single family detached homes and offer an independent and maintenance free lifestyle.
What You Can Expect At Active Adult Communities
A majority of Active Adult Communities are located close to, or within the metropolitan area. A common theme of this type of community are detached, single story accommodations. These accommodations often resemble each other. To ensure safety and security, many of these communities are gated or private.
Independent living is one of the foundations of Active Adult Communities; therefore, if you opt to live in this type of community, no assistance will be provided for you as it relates to housekeeping, preparation of meals, personal care and the administering of medication. However, most of these communities are managed by a Homeowners’ Association that requires you to pay a monthly fee to pay for services such as:
– Landscaping
– Removal of Snow
– Garbage collection
– Maintenance of shared facilities.
A lot of thought goes into the planning of these communities regarding the amenities offered. As this type of community encourages an active lifestyle for seniors, the most common feature is recreational facilities. Recreational facilities varies within communities but are quite similar to facilities that you would find at a hotel. Some of the facilities you can expect to find includes:
– Fitness centers
– Swimming pools
– Saunas
– Spas
– Golf Courses
– Tennis Courts
– Centers for Arts and Crafts
– Walking trails
– Media centers
– Lifestyle center/Clubhouse
– Libraries
Benefits Of Living In An Active Adult Community
There are many benefits to be derived from living in an Active Adult Community. Some of these benefits include:
– Resort atmosphere
– No yard maintenance
– Fixed fee for maintenance services
– Recreational activities and Facilities within walking range
– Like minded neighbors
Nowadays, many senior citizens are opting to settle in Active Adult Communities. If you want to live a stress free lifestyle and remain active, then this type of community is a great option. They offer amazing benefits and you are likely to feel that you are on permanent vacation within this environment.