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Recipe for Sun Dried Tomato & Chive Pesto

This is a great recipe that can be used many ways, enjoy it served on cucumber rounds, add it to whipped cream cheese for a great spread on crackers or bruschetta, or top grilled polenta or pasta with this pesto. However, you choose to enjoy this Pesto, I know you will enjoy it.

1 – 16 Oz Jar Sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil

2 Cups Chives Chopped

2 Cups parsley leaves, chopped

½ cup pine nuts

2 cloves garlic

2 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, if needed.

Drain oil from the tomatoes and reserve. Combine tomatoes, chives parsley, pine nuts, garlic, and lemon juice in the bowl of a food processor. Pulse until finely chopped. While machine is running, gradually add enough of the oil reserved from the tomatoes to create a pesto. If there is insufficient tomato oil, use a bit of EVOO to supplement. Season to taste with Salt and Pepper. Store in refrigerator with a small amount of olive oil to cover the top surface.

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Safe Distance Activities while we wait for the Vaccine

Visit the Space Coast. Get the schedule of launches and take a drive to Coco Beach, it is only about 1.5 hours to the coast and from any parking lot on the ocean you will be able to see a launch, that is if the sky is clear.

If the launch time works and you want to spend the day on the coast, plan a trip to Rockledge Gardens near Coco Beach and visit the Farmer’s Market held Wednesday to Saturday from 10 – 4 pm. Visit the Rockledge Website to see what items plants, fruit and veggies are available, order for easy curbside pick-up or you can enter the building. Due to COVID-19 the number of guests permitted inside is limited, and masks are required so please, decide in advance.

Even if the timing does not work for the market/gardens plus a launch. Lee and I have packed a picnic dinner and enjoyed the sounds of the waves washing ashore as we viewed a rocket reaching for new heights. You can view the upcoming launch schedule by using the below link:

A Day at the Beach, A Day in the Park, or a Walk in a Wild Place is a great way to enjoy our beautiful weather, get some exercise and fresh air, and enjoy a change of scenery. I am always looking for new places to visit, therefore I would appreciate any feedback you would like to share with me.

I would love to do a Restaurant Review, but alas we have not dined out for quite some-time. We have done local take out and for a treat we have called Door Dash and had them dash dinner to us and it was a nice change of pace. Must say, we do miss eating out, but feel safe and secure dining in our own home or on our lanai in the beauty of our own community.

In Lee’s Opinion, Our Resident MD, now is not the time to take our foot of the gas. We are close to the vaccine, please be patient a bit longer, and soon the Pandemic of 2020 will be in our rearview mirror.

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Activities in Solivita

During the Holiday Season, The Solivita Activity Department went above and beyond with creative ideas and safe distancing celebrations, they organized a Holiday Parade early in the season to bring us all a bit of Joy, followed by the Ugly Holiday Sweater Party, and a House Lighting Contest. All reports from The Ugly Holiday Party, held out of doors with Ugly Holiday Decorations, were fabulous. Funny Holiday Sweaters, Outfits, entertainment by DJ Penny plus silly fun “Reindeer Games” with prizes. The event was outside with beautifully served small plates and an open bar. The New Year’s Eve Party in Solivita was a fun event with a limited number of guests held out of doors. One thing we can count on in Central Florida is year-round nice weather, so we can still party safely in the fresh air. When Solivita holds an outdoor activity, and the temps dip below 60, they always include heaters, firepits, or if the event is at the Palms, they light the fireplace at the outdoor gathering space. Solivita has “Thought of it all” and is a great place to live, a great place to work, and a great place to party with lots of lovely party spaces, beautiful homes, a great activities department and a catering staff that is up to any challenge. Thank You Solivita for making our Life Fun, even in a Pandemic.

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Every Client, Friend and Neighbor is voicing their sadness at being held back from travel, missing vacations, or even the freedom to plan a vacation, but too worried to “pull the trigger” and buy a plane ticket or book a hotel. The upside to Life in Solivita, we already live in the “Vacation Capital of the World”, it is beautiful, no snow to shovel, our gardens are in full bloom, and our wildlife is prolific. Our neighbors and friends are out walking, biking, working out in the gyms and swimming, so life here is still active and lovely. Although our country is currently being ravaged by COVID19, life in Solivita is still good. We all need to be careful, but we are still having fun while being safe.

Until we can safely travel, you can armchair visit the destination of your choice by virtually visiting After I virtually traveled thru webcamtaxi, I must admit to adding a few new places to my bucket list.

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Housing Predictions for 2021

The Experts are Predicting 2021 to be the Year to Buy A Home, Despite Coronavirus.

Our Mortgage Rates are at all-time lows. Though the Fed’s target rate does not have a direct effect on mortgage interest rates, there is a connection between the two, and mortgage rates dropped accordingly in 2020. Today, you can obtain a fixed rate mortgage below 2.5. Despite the economic challenges 2020 brought, housing had a banner year. As Mortgage rates bottomed out, buyer demand surged, and home prices rose accordingly.

Currently, the market still looks like a seller’s market with low inventory Nationwide and prices rising. Freddie Mac and the Mortgage Bankers Association predict home price growth in 2021 in the 2% range.

The mortgage rates, while they may not hit record lows again (in 2020 they did almost a dozen times within the year), should remain low in 2021. All the experts agree that mortgage rates will remain in the high 2% or the low 3% range. All good for buyers.

Various factors determine your mortgage rate, your credit score, down payment, loan type, property location, and term of loan. Your credit score impacts your mortgage rate because it is a measure of how likely you are to repay the loan on time. The higher your score, the less risk you pose to the lender, so the lower interest rate you will receive. Lenders also look at your down payment amount. If you bring 20% to the closing table you are viewed as a less risky borrower and will obtain a lower rate than another borrower financing most of their home purchase. The loan amount and closing costs also play a role in your mortgage rate. If you ask a lender to roll your closing costs and other fees into your loan, typically you will pay a higher interest rate than a client who pays those fees up front. In Florida, the buyer typically pays for a credit report, appraisal, loan origination fee, survey, home inspection and Capital contribution to the HOA. Doc stamps, title policy and Estoppel are the seller’s responsibility.

On New Construction closings, the buyer pays the Title Insurance.

Inventory is currently historically low in Solivita and homes are selling quickly, one call to a BVR Realtor will put you in the hunt for a great home. A BVR Realtor will ask you a few questions about your needs, wants and requirements. With your answers in hand, we will hook you up and email you all the listings that meet your requirements. We can show you homes remotely, or you can visit with us over the phone or in person. We would love for you to “come on down” and we are happy to give you a tour of Solivita, show you our extensive infrastructure, and walk you through the homes that fit your needs.

In Solivita we offer homes from just over 1,000 Sq. Ft. to over 3,000 sq feet with selling prices from $150,000 to over $400,000. Solivita is an Active, Modern, Well Maintained Community full of folks enjoying life, making friends, and having lots of fun.