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Every Client, Friend and Neighbor is voicing their sadness at being held back from travel, missing vacations, or even the freedom to plan a vacation, but too worried to “pull the trigger” and buy a plane ticket or book a hotel. The upside to Life in Solivita, we already live in the “Vacation Capital of the World”, it is beautiful, no snow to shovel, our gardens are in full bloom, and our wildlife is prolific. Our neighbors and friends are out walking, biking, working out in the gyms and swimming, so life here is still active and lovely. Although our country is currently being ravaged by COVID19, life in Solivita is still good. We all need to be careful, but we are still having fun while being safe.

Until we can safely travel, you can armchair visit the destination of your choice by virtually visiting After I virtually traveled thru webcamtaxi, I must admit to adding a few new places to my bucket list.

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