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Bella Verde Realty and COVID-19: An Update!

Dear Bella Verde friends and family,

Hello from Central Florida! The good news for us is that we are all safe and hunkered down here in Solivita. The weather is lovely, Solivita looks absolutely beautiful, and all of our trees, grasses and flowers are in full bloom. Our Sandhill Cranes are busy taking care of their recently hatched young and we are enjoying the newborn baby alligators in our community . . . from a safe distance! The current situation cannot steal the joy and beauty of our natural surroundings. Only we as individuals can let that happen. It’s a joy each day to see the strength of folks here in Solivita as they quietly and safely go about their lives.

All of our Solivita neighbors are being diligent, kind and careful, and life is going on. Life may be different for us, but it’s different for the entire global community. We are all worried about staying safe, remaining healthy, and avoiding being infected by this virus. Most of our community may be retired and not stressed about losing their jobs, but many residents have suffered losses in their retirement accounts, which can be just as frightening. Whatever your position may be, there are challenges and obstacles to face.

The best news for us is that as of today, we have NO cases of COVID-19 reported. It’s a good sign so far and hopefully persists as time goes on. Solivita is still busy, but busy being quiet. Lee and I went for a walk yesterday and saw countless friends out walking, jogging, gardening, riding bikes, and cruising in their golf carts. Since the pools, clubs, restaurants and other group activities are all shuttered, we are learning how to enjoy the pleasures of our surroundings on an individual basis. Some of our neighbors are flipping through their recipe boxes, cooking in their kitchens and grilling on their lanais. In fact, during our walk we enjoyed the aroma of chicken roasting from a neighbor’s kitchen as it mingled with the fragrance of the orange trees in bloom. Pleasant and peaceful, we are all starting to enjoy the simple pleasures of an uncluttered life.

Lee and I are concentrating on our health, on the future, and of course, on what’s happening in the news. Daily we pray for every victim and their families, for our medical community, for our fellow citizens, and for a cure; so, we are busy, just a very different type of busy.

As far as real estate goes, WOW we are in a unique state of affairs now. We still have homes on the market for sale, we are still building homes, and we have many more homes in the pipeline that will be listed for sale, once this crisis is behind us.   In the interim, technology has blessed us with the ability to close sales on homes remotely and show homes to prospective buyers remotely. It’s amazing what we can do in the 21st century! All open houses are cancelled, and we are not showing owner-occupied homes for the safety of our residents. The community of Solivita is safe and strong, and the accolades our community has received speak for themselves. Visit us on the web and see how nice life is in Central Florida. Look through our videos, see our photos and read our blogs. We guarantee that once this virus is behind us, life will be good again for us all and real estate will be booming! We are preparing for the market boom! We are SOLIVITA STRONG.

Now’s the point when I want to hear about you. How are you doing? How is your community? Email me or comment and share your news today!

Spring wishes and happy thoughts,

Lorraine  and Lee Valdes