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Swinging In Solivita

Recently while showing homes in Kissimmee, I found myself showing two homes with front porch swings. I loved the look and the serene feeling of stepping onto your front porch and having a great place to sit back and relax. What a perfect spot to enjoy a sweet tea or a glass of wine while sitting pretty on your front porch. Both the homes I visited left me with a warm nostalgic feeling; both had beautifully designed swings, one modern and one traditional. Truly a beautiful touch for your Solivita home.
I did a bit of investigating and found that porch swings are making a major comeback. Of course, today they are a bit more contemporary with sleek silhouettes, fresh colors, and lots of pillows, but they are still beautiful and will add value to your home and your life.
In fact, the buyer of one of the homes I recently sold outside of Solivita said ”when I stepped onto the porch, and saw the swing, I knew I had to own this home”. The sale was made from the time we stepped onto the front porch. It’s very interesting what buyers see. This is a great reason to view your home with a critical eye and make sure your home looks as good outside as it does inside. Curb appeal counts. From this example, it is evident that you never know what may trigger a buyer to purchase your Solivita home. Our new neighbor plans to decorate her porch with pots of ferns and flowering plants, an outdoor carpet for texture, and lots of pillows for the swing. The colors she is planning to use are aqua and lime green. This certainly sounds like an inviting place to relax on a cool evening after a long day.
This will likely be a future installation on my own front porch. So, if you find yourself driving around Solivita, and see me swinging, this is your invitation to come sit and swing with me.
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Summer is Road Trip Time

Recently we jumped in our car and spent a few days away from Solivita. Usually we drive to Miami or the Keys, but this summer’s road trip led us to the Gulf Coast. Summer is the perfect time to leave the campus of Solivita and explore the beauty that Florida offers. The Florida Gulf Coast is only a few short hours away, but it is a world apart. We love every moment of life in Solivita, but occasionally a change of pace is nice and necessary. We drove to Fort Myers, stopped at Spinnakers for the view, a beer and a Florida Black Grouper Sandwich, crossed the Sanibel Island Causeway, and in a few short minutes we were on the beach in Sanibel. A lovely, quiet spot. Sanibel and Captiva are quiet off season; making Summer the perfect time to visit. With the beauty of Florida in our backyard there is no reason for the hassle, time and expense involved in taking a plane trip to the islands. From our Solivita Driveway, Lee and I easily slipped behind the wheel, played a few tunes, applied some sunblock, and were on the beach the same afternoon.
The gulf is beautiful, the islands are quaint, the beaches are deserted and the restaurants are wonderful. We fished, we sailed, and every evening we saw breath taking sunsets on our beach. Daily while swimming we watched the dolphins play. How lucky we are to live in such a beautiful State surrounded by wildlife, blue water, and the great activities Florida and Solivita offer
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Designer-Inspired Room Makeover

Q: What do you get when you cross Japanese and Scandinavian Design?
A: Why Japandi (Of Course)
Japandi is a new hot trend in the home decorating arena. When you think about both styles, they do have many similarities. Both styles have clean lines, emphasize simplicity, are minimalistic, and are without frills. This look is now setting a new standard for home luxury and comfort, and with a bit of shopping, some redesign, and decluttering, you too can bring this look to your Solivita home.
Here’s how to achieve this look.
Since minimalism is a common trait to both Japanese and Nordic design, to achieve the Japandi look, first you will need to do away with clutter, and add a few impactful statement pieces. Flood your life and your room with natural light. Use a few dramatic accents with an unexpected color blend to bring out the fine features of a clutter-free room centered on neutrals, bright natural sunlight, and natural materials. Choose stone, wood, and organic fabrics in pastel colors and indoor plants without blossoms to bring a fresh Zen-like quality to your space. Have some fun with creating a new style for yourself and your home.
This new look seems to capture the best of both worlds and could be the inspiration for your Solivita home or room makeover. The experts predict Japandi will be trendy and stylish for years to come, so why not adopt this fresh new look for your own home and stay trendy and fresh Japandi-style.