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Trippin with the Bella Verde Team to Savannah, GA

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and is only a 5 hour drive from Solivita, but a world apart. Worth the visit, the Downtown Historic district has cobblestone streets and walks lined with moss covered trees, amazing wrought iron fences, gates, and stunning red brick homes that feature interior woodwork from the 1800’s. The Squares are amazing, the parks are filled with southern charm, and French style public gardens are abundant. Please don’t visit in the heat of the year, as Savannah can be quite steamy, but if you visit in the early spring or fall you will find Savannah amazing.  In the 1950’s downtown Savannah was crumbling, million dollar townhomes were empty, crime was high and the area had become quite sketchy.  Just In time,  Anna Colquitt Hunter and six generous wives of wealthy, influential men gave birth to the The Historic Savannah Foundation (HSF), and with it the restoration and the preservationist movement in Savannah began. HSF saved 145 buildings between 1955 and 1980, an amazing achievement, but despite these efforts, historic Savannah remained under threat. In 1979 Paula Wallace and her family purchased the Savannah Volunteer Guards Armory and SCAD was born. SCAD is the Savannah College of Art and Design, an amazing university where creative, talented folks learn the art of design. SCAD has restored many of the historic buildings and turned them into studios, dorms, classrooms, museums, motels, residences, and transformed Savannah into a destination rich in beauty and history.  

Do you Love Retro, stay at the Thunderbird Inn, if you do, you will find a can of RC Cola and a Moon Pie in your room upon check in.  If you love staying in an old, restored home, try a room at the 17hundred90 Inn.  Old, quirky but a restful getaway. Please know these are3 not 5 Star Accommodations, but rather charming spots to call home for a few days in the historic district.  Park your car and enjoy walks in the city.  If neither of these are you for you, book a room at the JW Marriott, and enjoy an amazing luxury stay.    

All this talk about touring reminds me that Savannah has lots of great local and world class dining, and when we were last in town we enjoyed both.  Try the Grey for a delicious evening. The Grey restaurant is in a 1938 art deco Greyhound Bus Terminal that has been fully restored to its original luster.  Enjoy Dinner or Sunday Brunch, or a drink and some oysters at the bar.  This is a fun restaurant with lots of charm and good taste. Or try the Public Kitchen and Bar in Savannah, it is fun, fresh and serves local produce.  While wandering around the historic area we enjoyed a great lunch, cocktails, the best Caesar Salad ever at Public. We stayed near Frali Gourmet and enjoyed a welcome to the city plate of homemade pasta and a delicious Arugula salad.  Frali is a casual but tasty stop, great for sandwiches, fresh pasta and has a market to purchase specialty items to bring the taste of Savannah home.  Savannah is a great get away and one you should put on your bucket list.