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Activities in Solivita

During the Holiday Season, The Solivita Activity Department went above and beyond with creative ideas and safe distancing celebrations, they organized a Holiday Parade early in the season to bring us all a bit of Joy, followed by the Ugly Holiday Sweater Party, and a House Lighting Contest. All reports from The Ugly Holiday Party, held out of doors with Ugly Holiday Decorations, were fabulous. Funny Holiday Sweaters, Outfits, entertainment by DJ Penny plus silly fun “Reindeer Games” with prizes. The event was outside with beautifully served small plates and an open bar. The New Year’s Eve Party in Solivita was a fun event with a limited number of guests held out of doors. One thing we can count on in Central Florida is year-round nice weather, so we can still party safely in the fresh air. When Solivita holds an outdoor activity, and the temps dip below 60, they always include heaters, firepits, or if the event is at the Palms, they light the fireplace at the outdoor gathering space. Solivita has “Thought of it all” and is a great place to live, a great place to work, and a great place to party with lots of lovely party spaces, beautiful homes, a great activities department and a catering staff that is up to any challenge. Thank You Solivita for making our Life Fun, even in a Pandemic.

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