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The Real Estate Market

Real Estate is Hot, Hot, Hot, and not just in Florida, but all over the USA. It is a Seller’s Market as prices are up, but it is also a good opportunity for a Buyer to jump in. Looks like the hot market will remain hot for a while and when it cools down, property values are predicted to continue to rise, just at a slower pace. We have seen record-breaking growth and we all know it will not last forever, but what is the data really telling us. Supply and Demand is the largest driver for real estate prices. Low interest rates brought buyers to the market in droves, but the low housing supply drove home prices up at record levels. Of course, with all the building in the US supply will not remain low forever, but experts predict we need to continue to build housing for a few more years to keep up with the demand for housing. Our job market is booming and so are the housing prices, even with the FED raising interest rates to combat inflation currently our housing market is steady. Only time will tell what is truly in store for the market ahead as no one has a crystal ball. Know, if a downturn comes, it is a Buyer’s Market, and a great time for investors to jump in and pick up some real estate at discounted rates. So be it a buyer or a seller’s market, investing in a home is a great investment. An investment in your life and your lifestyle. Find the home you love in the neighborhood you love and enjoy the benefits of your hard work. As property values rise and fall you will be secure in knowing you have a safe, happy place to call home.

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