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Spring Housing Market Shaping Up as Tale of Two Coasts

The Spring housing market is taking form and buyers and sellers should be looking at what kind of market they will be buying/selling a home in. Whether you are looking to buy/sell in a buyer’s/seller’s will determine the negotiating power you hold.
This Spring, the housing market is looking to be one of contrasts for the east and west coast. Buyers in east coast markets such as Tampa, Cleveland, and Philadelphia can expect more negotiating power due to this being a buyer’s market. Home sellers in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Antonio, and Los Angeles will be thriving with homes selling at or above their asking price.
If you’re looking to buy or sell a home this Spring, understand what kind of housing market you’re going to be dealing with so that you know what to expect. Learn more about the Spring Housing Market by reading the full article on the Zillow Blog.