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Small Changes Can Make A Huge Difference

Upgrade Your Entrance!

The entryway to any home has a huge impact on how welcoming your home is. Upgrading the front door is a great way to increase your curb appeal and UP your welcome quotient. Recently Ken and Ellen, friends from Solivita, felt the living room of their home was too dark. They considered repainting it and adding a sky window, but after evaluating the cost and the mess, they decided to upgrade their front door. A visit to Lowes revealed that a front door upgrade is an easy fix. They selected their glass panel insert at the Lowes Store and made an appointment for a Lowes Rep to visit their home to take measurements. In no time, the door was measured, the glass was ordered, and light was about to stream into their living room. This fix was quick, less expensive than a new door, and highly successful. The door looks great, and Ken and Ellen now have a living room filled with natural light and The Lowes Installation Team did not even have to remove the door from the hinges to install the glass panel. Thank you to Ken and Ellen for this quick and easy home improvement tip.