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Memories of Summer Vacations Past and Planning for Summer Vacations of the Future

Lee and I have had many wonderful adventures, one of our favorites is our summer vacation in Alaska. We did this trip a few years ago and had a blast. The Salmon Recipe reminded me of the delicious wild caught Alaskan salmon we enjoyed daily. The salmon was so plentiful that every restaurant would present an Amuse Bouche of Salmon upon our arrival for dinner. Each restaurant had its own take on how to serve salmon, salmon bruschetta served with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, a bistro served salmon tartare with cilantro, cucumber, fresh lime, chives, ginger and sesame oil, and one restaurant, owned by NY transplants, served their bruschetta with smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill and capers. A tasty start to a beautiful Alaska evening. The Alaska evening skies were glorious, and in July the sun just barely set in the evening sky. In our memories we recall hearing the blow of the whales, seeing the pink glowing sky, and loving the feel of the cool evening breezes. A breeze we miss in summer in Central Florida. The energy from the light, or the excitement of being in such a beautiful, wild place kept us going until the wee hours of every day. Now that we are in the middle of COVID-19 we are fondly recalling past adventures, while planning future trips. Now seems to be the perfect time to plan the next bucket list adventure while staying Safe in Solivita. Stay Safe Friends, we will get through this together!