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Florida Housing Market Forecast for 2020

The Florida real estate market is experiencing growing sales, prices and growing transaction volumes. Although active inventory is up, new home and condo listings are down. Could it be that very low prices and constrained supply is a buy signal?

Experts agree, when Americans are feeling wealthy, they look to buy in the Sunshine State, and with the recent tax cuts and the strong job market, Americans report they are feeling wealthy. This leads the experts to believe that buying in Florida is a wise long-term real estate investment decision.

When you compare the low prices of a Florida home to homes in California or New York; and add to the mix Florida’s favorable tax situation, I am surprised that more folks are not selling and moving to our lovely state. Interest in buying Florida properties is strong and given the strength of the Florida economy, plus an aging population, I expect to see strong prices for many years. So, if you are considering selling your home this is a good time, and if you are considering buying a home, prices are only going up. Why wait, when you can lock into a great Florida home at a good price with a low interest rate now and enjoy your investment while your equity grows.