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Sales In Solivita

It is a Summer slowdown in Real Estate, the summer slowdown is compounded by high interest rates and Very Hot Weather.  Homes are selling but they are remaining on the market for an average of 150 plus days.  Remember, Interest rates do not only affect the seller’s ability in Solivita to sell a home to a client but affect the buyer’s ability to sell their primary residence.  It is a domino effect.  My recommendation is to be patient, homes are selling, they are just taking a bit longer to move off the market.  We were all a bit spoiled by the crazy market of a 18 months ago when inventory was tight, and homes were selling in days.  These are the days for sellers to enjoy every Solivita Amenity, go to the pool, the gym, play golf, pickleball, visit with friends, enjoy the activities, and soon enough the perfect buyer will be at your doorstep with an offer.

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Sales in Solivita

Sales are starting to perk again, let’s just hope, America “does not fall off the cliff” with any bad decisions that may be made in Washington for us and our economy. Last month 31 homes sold in Solivita and housing price adjustments were minimal. Again, houses are moving off the market from listed to sold at a good clip. Bella Verde Realty closed 14 homes and remains the “leader of the pack” in Solivita. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, summer is the perfect time. As we near the Presidential Race and all the concern on both sides that comes with political uncertainty, sales in the housing market tend to slow down. So, if you are ready to buy or sell, don’t wait. Now is the time to jump in and choose the home of your dreams. Visit Our website to see every home in Solivita for sale. If you want to view any homes, we can set up an appointment for a remote showing, or we invite you to come down and take a look around with us. Call any of our realtors, they will be happy to provide you with a community tour and show you Homes in Central Florida and the many benefits of living in the Award Winning Community of Solivita.

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Current Housing Market

The current housing market is still strong but is showing signs of cooling off, driven by climbing interest rates.  The number of active listings and the length of time homes are on the market are climbing along with the interest rates, but homes are still selling at fair prices.  Predictions are that the housing market is beginning to reset to a more buyer-friendly direction.  Two factors driving our successful current housing market is that we are in an incredibly strong labor market driving wages up. Higher wages keep folks working later into their careers and the big plus; the current business environment offers folks the ability to negotiate remote working situations.  Lately we have sold homes to multiple clients who move to Solivita and work remotely. Every client has said “It is Nice to work in the sunshine of Florida”, plus all are looking forward to a winter without a snowy commute.  One of my clients said they love the ability to swim in the early morning or late afternoon while working remotely and maintaining a salary. Nice Gig and a Great way to ease into retirement. Lee and I are Looking forward to seeing you at the pool with your laptop.

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How to Choose a Real Estate Broker

Choosing the Correct Real Estate Agent is an important step in every real estate transaction. A good agent will come to the table with contacts, experience, and the ability to save a transaction that may not be moving forward smoothly. An Educated Consumer is the best consumer and all BVR Agents are open, honest, and educate their clients along the way.

When looking for a realtor we always recommend you ask trusted friends or family for a recommendation of a realtor they may have worked with. I also recommend that every client interview at least two realtors. Ideally, the interview and selection process of a realtor will be quick. A good realtor will come prepared with a home value analysis and current comps in your neighborhood. The realtor you choose should be a realtor with experience in your neighborhood, a realtor with an honest reputation, and a realtor that will not only work for you, but listen to your needs, and work with you.

The Real Estate Market is still “a buyer’s market” therefore homes are selling quickly, but as mortgage interest rates rise the experts predict the market will slow down a bit. Housing inventory is still in short supply and pricing of homes is commodity based (supply and demand) so at this time in the cycle it does not appear that house prices will be dropping anytime soon.

If you are considering the sale of your home, a BVR Realtor is always happy to come out and meet with you to discuss your home and provide a detailed report estimating your value. If you are looking to buy a home in Solivita or in our surrounding areas, call any of our realtors, we are always happy to work with folks to find them the home of their dreams.

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Real Estate Sales In Solivita

We are in a Very Hot Home Market in Solivita, seems as fast as the FOR SALE SIGN is put on the lawn, we are putting up an UNDER CONTRACT SIGN. If you are thinking about selling your home, now is the time, call a Bella Verde Sales Associate to schedule a free, informative, appointment and achieve a complete market analysis of your home’s value today.

Bella Verde Sales Associates are residents of Solivita and are a wealth of knowledge about our surroundings, our HOA, our home floorplans, and the benefits life in Solivita offers. If you live in Solivita you already know, Life in Solivita is wonderful, our landscapes are manicured and maintained by the HOA, our pools are sparkling, heated and tropical, and there is always something to do. One of the folks in our office calls life in Solivita a perpetual cruise without the fear of encountering rough seas. The Reflections Magazine lands on your driveway advising you of upcoming events, concerts, dinners, classes, club meetings, activities, tours, and just fun in general. No worries, and just like a cruise you can choose to participate in all the activities, some of the activities, or none of the activities, the choice is yours. Our two 18 Hole PGA Championship Golf Courses are groomed and ready to play 12 months a year, our flowers are always blooming, our clubs are active, and our neighborhoods are not only lovely but filled with fun loving, welcoming folks, enjoying the good life. So, if you are selling your home today, we have a list of buyers interested in living the good life in Solivita. Of course, if you are selling your home in Solivita because you want a larger residence or a smaller residence or a home with a different view we are here to help you with that too. A large percentage of our sellers purchase another residence in Solivita, as they know when life is good it is very good.