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Activities during the dog days of summer while living through COVID-19

Get Outside and Ride a Bike for Exercise and Fun. The other day Lee and I dusted our bikes off, put some air in the tires, and hopped on for a ride around the community. We waited till around 7 pm, as the sun was dropping in the sky, and the community was settling in for the evening. We enjoyed a beautiful sky and mother nature treated us to a lovely tropical sunset over the golf course. I am not a golfer, but Lee is, and after witnessing a stunning sunset over the course, I can see the attraction of playing a sport in a natural setting surrounded by ponds, oak trees, and birdlife. We watched a few hawks swoop down to catch their last meal of the day, caught a few deer trotting thru the fairway, and saw quite a few splashes in the ponds. Could have been fish or could have been a gator, but whatever it was, this tranquil scene made for an enjoyable Solivita evening social distancing on our bikes.