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A Typical Solivita Day in 2020

Our Pandemic Days have been similar in structure to our Pre-Pandemic Days except most of the community is wearing masks. Some of our masks are quite creative and come in multiple colors, patterns, and now all types of closure methods. The masks we are now wearing have evolved over the months and have become fashion accessories. Some of our masks tie at the back, some have fixed ear loops, some adjustable ear loops, and some have ear loops with an added Velcro strip that allow you to remove your mask and jauntily drape it around your neck until you are out and about again.

Other than these changes, “Solivitians” are still walking, biking, exercising, swimming, gardening, playing softball, pickleball, golf, tennis and outside in the air having fun. Our basketball court is busy, our social gatherings are much smaller for safety, and when visiting with neighbors on the street we visit at the suggested 6 foot distance, but life in Solivita is still active and has been good. While following the CDC Guidelines, we do feel safe within our gates.

Our restaurants are open and are serving food, plus doing take-out and delivery. Lee and I have done take-out; but have not yet enjoyed a meal in a restaurant since the pandemic began in March, we are looking forward to visiting our favorite places once the virus is under control. Our grocery stores, drug stores and liquor stores happily deliver our requests promptly. We can place our orders in the morning and be unpacking our deliveries in the afternoon.

The advantage to life in Central Florida, we are spending time outside enjoying our gardens, ponds, natural spaces and are loving the nice weather that arrives with fall. I am not a summer soul, so wherever we lived, once the summer heat is over I am once again a happy girl. Lee and I both enjoy the Fall, Winter and Spring weather in Central Florida; we fling open our windows, turn off the air, and enjoy the treats Mother Nature provides; bright blue skies and cool breezes. Our days are still perfect for swimming, but without humidity, plus the pools are heated and refreshing. The perfect time to sit back in one of our spa tubs and enjoy the weather and the warmth of the water as it bubbles around us.

Yes, Group Activities are limited due to the Pandemic. Our weekly Movie night in Solivita have been temporarily rescheduled, but not cancelled. Our HOA has become quite creative, they are streaming the weekly movies into our homes via our own special Solivita Station. There is one unfortunate Movie Night Change, the HOA is no longer providing free popcorn on movie night. Seems they have not yet worked out a popcorn delivery system for each of our homes. The HOA is not only delivering movies to our homes but sponsoring games, trivia, concerts, all virtual and all entertaining. Kudos to the Solivita HOA and the creative folks entertaining us during the Pandemic.

As cold weather sets in for most of the US, we send good wishes for your health and safety and invite you to visit with us in Solivita to view for yourself how good life can be in the comfort of the warm, embracing, and uncrowded AWARD WINNING 55 PLUS COMMUNITY of SOLIVITA. Visit us in person or visit us virtually. We will be happy to arrange to meet you at your convenience and show you around this special community we call home.