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A Trip to the Goat Farm

Looking for a new experience, why not visit our Local Goat Farm; Proctor’s Goat Farm at 6291 El Camino Real, Winter Haven, FL.

Call in advance and arrange a Tour, (863) 289-3585. Proctor’s has about 18 goats for you to interact with. You can get up close and personal to the goats, have a chance to hand feed them, and perhaps milk them too. I suggest you put on a pair of jeans, pull out your hiking boots and enjoy a nice morning or afternoon in the country. This is not a dress up occasion, but rather a fun day out in nature enjoying the beauty of our surroundings. The goats are fun, friendly, quite comical and after the year we have all had who among us does not need a good laugh and an afternoon out. After you have met and enjoyed the goats make a stop into the tasting room and enjoy a taste of goat milk, goat cheese, fudge, kefir, and the ice cream that the farm produces.

In addition to tasty goat goodies, the farm also sells a few beauty products produced from goat milk, soap and lotions. Big benefit, goatmilk skin products are rumored to have the ability to soften our skin and give us all a youthful appearance. So, if trotting around with the goats does not turn you on, perhaps a youthful appearance will. I purchased some of these local items and have stashed them away, waiting for the day COVID-19 is over and guests can safely return to visit. The goat farm’s motto is “You’ll be udderly glad you stopped by” and Lee and I agree, this is a fun outing and will not disappoint.

Of course, we could not leave the goat farm without some delicious cheese. Since I love to cook, and we both enjoy all kinds of cuisine, on our way home we stopped at the farmer’s market and purchased a few goodies to accompany our goat cheese. We came home and made a delicious, tasty salad from our Farm Fresh Florida Food. Easy, light and refreshing.