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Retiring In Central Florida: Pickleball In Solivita


Imagine taking badminton, ping-pong, and tennis and put them in a bag and shake it up. What you get is pickleball. Solivita Pickleball is fun, great exercise, and a wonderful way to make friends.
Why is the game called Pickleball? In 1965 Bill Bell and Congressman Joel Pritchard invented the game in Joel’s backyard. Rumor has it, the game was named after Joel’s family dog Pickles, who would run away with the ball.
The more people that became introduced to the game the more people began playing the game. By 1972 a corporation was created around the sport and in 1976 the first world tournament was played in the state of Washington. Now Pickleball is played in all 50 states.
Solivita has a strong and active Pickleball Club. The Solivita Smashers Pickleball Club seeks to provide an opportunity for social interaction through sport and recreational activities. The annual picnic and themed games are just a small part of all that the Smashers have going on. The club travels and plays against other pickleball clubs; the game has really caught on in Florida and is one of the most popular sports to play!

Never played pickleball? No worries! When you choose to spend the best years of your life by purchasing a retirement home at Solivita, you get the benefit of having a community of wonderful people to learn from. The Smashers Pickleball Club offers clinics for newbies!
All in all, pickleball is just one of the many activities available at Solivita. The fun is waiting. Will you be joining in?