Tips To Increase Your Home’s Value

If you live in sunny Florida and want to increase your home’s value, there are numerous ways to go about it. Some are a bit pricey, while others can easily be done on a budget.

The kitchen is the one room in your house where just about any renovation can increase your home’s value. Nice new stainless steel appliances will upgrade your kitchen more than you could even imagine. If that’s something you can afford, you should definitely go for it. A large percentage of potential homebuyers list them as one of their primary must-have when house-hunting.

One of the least expensive ways to update your kitchen and increase your home’s value is a new coat of paint. Choose a fairly neutral color that will appeal to a broad range of homebuyers for the most bang for your buck. A new back-splash can also add value and appeal, and there are so many new materials out there for every taste. If you are even a little bit handy, then a DIY glass mosaic tile or a subway tile could be right up your alley and will increase your home’s value for little money.

New countertops are another great way to update your kitchen for added value. Buyers these days are partial to granite, quartz, or marble, but that old standby, butcher block, still raises value as well for less money. In a pinch, laminate that looks like granite could increase your home’s value as well, but not as much as a hard surface countertop. Outdated lighting can bring down the value as well, so consider pot lights or pendant lights for your kitchen.

Bathrooms are another area of your home where any renovation, large or small, will increase your home’s value. New tiles, countertops, or flooring could go a long way toward that increase in value. If your budget is limited, even new paint, up-to-date lighting and window coverings can help.

And, don’t forget that an abundance of natural light will increase your home’s value, so letting it in can be an inexpensive way to accomplish that increase you’re looking for. Putting in larger windows or even French doors can make a big difference. Don’t underestimate your window treatments either. New window treatments that let in more light are a good inexpensive option. If your budget will allow and you don’t already have them, installing energy efficient windows throughout your home will increase your home’s value exponentially.

Curb appeal can increase your home’s value as well, so consider a new coat of paint and some new landscaping that will make your home more appealing to buyers. Patch and possibly resurface that old worn driveway, and make sure walkways are free from cracks, weeds and grass. Never underestimate the value of good curb appeal.