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When the impossible is possible: Richard and Family

Dear Lorraine,

I can’t thank you enough for selling Mom’s Home in one day.  Mom knew you from Church for 14 years, always said nice things about you, and told us you were tops in your field.  She was right, you are tops.  You did what we thought was impossible.

Thank you for your help, and the kindness you shared with us, during the listing and sale.

Richard and Family


Finding the right Agent is the answer to getting your home SOLD QUICKLY for the RIGHT PRICE.  Glad I could help Richard and his family.  I can help you and your family with my proven successful track record of marketing and sales.  I have been the number one sales agent in the area for the last 3 years and have achieved this goal by being honest and working hard for my clients.  This week I was notified that I am on track to be awarded the 2016 Chairman’s Club Award.  This means I have been the top sales agent in the area for 4 years in a row.    Do not hesitate to call me for help with your real estate needs.  I am not only a top agent but also your neighbor and will help you through the process of selling and buying a home. 

-Lorraine Valdes

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What will we do with all this time: Laura and Steve

Dear Lorraine, Lived in Massachusetts most of our life. Like most folks, worked 49 weeks a year, had weekends off, and three weeks a year we vacationed. Now we were finally at the point in our life that we could put work behind us and enjoy our retirement. What will we do with all this time? Well the first thing we did was google homes in central Florida so that we could escape the inclement weather up north. Luckily your name came up as a top realtor. One phone call and a plane trip and you hooked up with us and "hooked us up" with a great home and community. Thank you. We have found plenty to do in our neighborhood, as well as, in Florida. We have been busy since we got here. We love our new home, it is spacious and the weather is beautiful. We are members of a few clubs, are actively playing golf and swimming a. few times a week. Have played tennis a couple of times, but must say, it does not seem to be a good fit for us, or perhaps, we are not fit enough for tennis? Anyway, we are open to all our new life has to offer and are planning on exploring all the possibilities. As far as our experiences in Central Florida, we have gone gator hunting in the swamps of Boggy Creek, hiking, biking, have picked oranges and strawberries, found some antiques in Lake Wales, Haines City and Dundee. Twice a month we enjoy a Wine Flight Night in downtown Kissimmee, as well as, a delicious Pizza at Broadway Pizza. We have taken a train ride and have enjoyed a fun afternoon at an Olive Oil Tasting in Mount Dora. Gone to a bailgame in Tampa, enjoyed lakeside dining at the Port and in Sebring, Florida. We have been to Palm Beach, rubbed elbows with the rich and famous at the Breakers, and have enjoyed PB&J sandwiches on the beach in Melbourne. We still have a list of dozens of places and things to do and plan to do them all. Bottom line is, we are glad we are here, we love our home and we are not letting a moment pass us by. Florida has been good for us and so have you. Thank you for making it so. Laura and Steve