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Staying Safe from Covid in Solivita

Although Covid is still with us, life in Solivita has been good.. We have pools, activities, and fun events to attend, and with our beautiful weather, we can do almost every activity out of doors. Everyone is still playing golf, and at the end of a round we enjoy the 19th hole at one of the outdoor tables at the grill. We have taken art and photography classes outdoor; helping to keep us active, busy, and engaged while maintaining safe Covid Practices. As the experts are predicting “we may all get this thing”, but we are doing the best we can to keep safe in Solivita. Must admit, Lee and I have not attended any large gatherings indoor or eaten indoor in any restaurants, but lots of our Florida restaurants have outdoor seating, and Lee and I are enjoying every moment we can of the fresh air that is blowing through Central Florida.

Last week I ordered an Epoxy Resin Art Kit and if my mom enjoys it, I will order kits for my friends and family and share some art time outside on the lanai. Another way to stay busy while being safe. You never know, we may find that one of us, or all of us, is not only clever but talented too. LOL. We are Keeping up our Spirits, having fun, and staying healthy so together we can continue to enjoy the Good Life in Solivita.