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Your Invitation to Buy in Poinciana, Florida

Recently quite a few of my clients have purchased homes in Solivita and the surrounding areas due to work. Are you a builder, a handyman, a medical professional, an experienced IT professional? Are you creative, inventive, or would you like to work in an office or a retail setting? Jobs are coming to Poinciana and the areas surrounding Solivita. Housing is booming, road construction is all around us, and companies are moving in too. Florida is not only Blooming, but it is Booming too!

In the past, most of our Solivita Clients came to BVR as part of their retirement plan, but lately many are buying in Solivita and our surrounding area, planning to work a few more years, and retire when they are ready. This is a great plan, you have an opportunity to get to know the community, make friends, and enjoy time in Florida as you wind down your work life. When Lee and I came to Central Florida, we too came to work and ease into retirement. Thus far, we are still working hard, and know easing into retirement will come sometime later. Marketing homes to buyer’s planning to continue their work life, is a market in Solivita we had not experienced in quite a few years, but with the recent job boom it has been fun seeing new folks move their families to Florida and establish a new life in a new neighborhood.

If you are 55 or over, Solivita is the place to be. Solivita has over 4,200 acres of preserves, lakes, ponds, pools, and parks. We are a gated community and a great place to make friends and enjoy visiting family. If you are under 55 years of age, and have school age children, this area is a great place to start life in Florida. Our area offers many new and resale homes at reasonable prices for families. Why pay huge rents, high mortgages, and property taxes when you can own your own home in Florida, find a good paying job, and enjoy all the benefits our surrounding communities offer.

Come to Florida and see how fabulous life can be. The sun is always shining, the weather is tropical, the plants are in bloom 12 months a year and Florida offers good affordable housing. What are you waiting for? Call a BVR Agent today to see all we have to offer.

Prices on homes are escalating all over the US, so the time to buy is now while the interest rates are low. If you have a family, now is the time to resettle into a good community, and get the children enrolled in school before a new school year starts. If you are working remotely and planning to move out of a city, the time is right to make your move. If you are looking for work, now is a good time to start the job search. Call a Bella Verde Realtor to find the home of your dreams.

Taylor Morrison is building a new Multi-Gen Community steps from the West Gate of Solivita. The perfect place for 55 Plus Residents and their families to build a life together. There will be schools, shopping, pools, activities and Grandma and Grandpa can own their own home up the street from their children. Now you really can have it all! A perfect set up for families looking to live in the warmth and beauty of Central Florida but not be too far from the families they love. Plans have been approved by the county and the State and the builders are moving ground as I write! The first homes in our new neighborhood will be ready for occupancy within one year, making this the right time to start planning your new life. Call a BVR Realtor and be in the know on the new Community in our neighborhood.