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Welcome to Summer in Central Florida

A time for us all to kick back, take things a bit slower, and let the heat of the day be our guide. Solivita is settling in to a quiet time, the snowbirds have flown the nest and we can all settle into warm afternoons relaxing at the pool, fishing in the ponds, and quiet evenings shared with friends and family. The days are easy and the Solivita events less crowded. I love the winter and all the fun and action the snowbirds bring to Solivita and Central Florida, but I find this time of the year a great time to recharge my batteries and enjoy the quiet beauty of our surroundings. The garden is happy, although it does require a lot of water and love, it is bountiful and is a big part of the reason we relocated to Florida.

Solivita has a flourishing Community Garden downtown near the Ballroom. It is the perfect place to grow produce, learn new garden tricks, and make friends. In the past we had lots of luck with our plot and met lots of great folks while tending our garden. In fact, our yield last year was so large that upon leaving the garden each day we followed a delivery route and shared our produce with friends and family. The Solivita Community Garden is the best, the beds are raised, water is accessible, fellow garden members are always quick to help with any questions or concerns and surrounding the garden is a fence, so our local four-legged friends do not eat our produce before we do.
Life in Solivita is a pleasure, there is always something to do and someone to share the fun with. If gardening is not your thing, no worries, Solivita has over 200 clubs to join, pools to enjoy, golf courses to play on, state of the art exercise facilities, walking trails, running tracks, tennis, basketball, fishing, seminars, classes, movies, entertainment, plus, much more. Solivita is a wonderful place to live, play, and work (if you choose), while enjoying all the benefits of life in the sunshine of Central Florida. We invite you to experience our beautiful community, meet the neighbors, ask questions and enjoy a few days of life as a local. It is easy and affordable, just visit our website, and check out Discovery Days. Call me, together we will arrange for your visit and accommodations in Solivita. I will be happy to show you the next step to uncovering how wonderful life in Solivita is. Let the adventure begin!