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We Welcome Taylor Morrison to Solivita

Taylor Morrison is a leading homebuilder and developer; and recently was recognized as America’s Most Trusted™ Home Builder. Lee and I, and the Realtors at Bella Verde Realty are looking forward to the new Taylor Morrison home designs, and the creative, inspiring ideas they will bring to Solivita and the surrounding communities yet to be built, but on the Taylor Morrison Drawing Board. Taylor Morrison builds with custom designed detail, and an eye toward style while delivering homes with a high standard of excellence. They are building simply great homes for simply great folks. Bella Verde is inspired and delighted to be working with Taylor Morrison as we complete the build out of Solivita and begin to build new family communities in the surrounding area. Our Bella Verde Realtors are all New Home Certified and are ready to help you build your new home from ground breaking to closing. It is to the home owner’s benefit to utilize an independent realtor when building a home, as the independent realtor works for your benefit, does NOT cost the home buyer, but the knowledge a New Home Certified Realtor brings to your build is invaluable and will save you time and money in the long run.