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The State of Florida is Open

The state of Florida is once again open for all to enjoy the fun, sun and beauty that Florida offers. This month’s newsletter includes Social Distancing Activities, and a few suggestions for the folks looking to go “out and about.”

We recently took a walk through the Mead Botanical Gardens, 47 acres of natural habitat for picnicking, nature walks and wildlife viewing. Mead Gardens has some short trails lined with tall pine trees, a creek, a boardwalk, a greenhouse, and a pond, plus a butterfly garden. If you have a well- behaved dog, bring him along for a walk, as leashed dogs are allowed too. The address is 1300 S. Denning Drive in Winter Park. If you choose not to picnic, the city of Winter Park has wonderful dining, outside and inside. You can dine al fresco and enjoy pasta, pizza, burgers, Greek and Turkish Food in Winter Park, and after all these months, it sure does feel good to be out and about again.

Mead Gardens is also hosting a Haunted Hike in the Garden
Please know Tickets must be purchased in advance
Thursday, Oct. 29 & Friday Oct. 30
6:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Put on a costume if you wish, walk with a happy heart, bring a mask, as it is required to be admitted, and have some fun. Experience spine-chilling tales from Mead Botanical Garden’s 80-year history by the moonlight. Mead Gardens is usually closed at night, but this is the perfect setting for an evening adventure. During this 40-minute hike, a master storyteller will share spooky tales of local legends and unexplained mysteries with you as you walk the garden’s most haunted trails.

Enjoy scary old black and white films prior to your tour in the socially distanced, outdoor waiting area. Adult beverages, and treats will be available for purchase. Hikes run every 15 minutes throughout the evening, from 7 – 10:15 p.m. Group size is limited to 8 people to ensure no one disappears. Keep your eyes peeled for restless critters that lurk in the garden at night.