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Swimming In Our Pools

Swimming is a really good idea, especially as the temps are keeping us good and toasty in Central Florida. Whenever I think it is too hot, I call my NY friends and hear that the temps are about the same there, but the AC in most NYC homes is not as efficient as our AC in Solivita. So, a walk to the pool, followed by an early morning swim, before the sun is too high in the sky, is the perfect start to a day in Solivita during the pandemic. Certainly, a better start to the day than taking the subway to the YMCA, or walking to the corner to catch the express bus to the city to get to work. Every day in Solivita is a good day, even these days. We are all finding ways to enjoy the peace and beauty of our community and I invite you to come to Solivita and experience our community for yourself and be SOLIVITA STRONG with us.

Whatever you are doing to get through the long COVID-19 Days, may you be blessed with sunshine and hope.....We will get through this!