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Summertime In Solivita Florida

Sights From Summertime In Solivita Florida

Every Season in Solivita offers residents and guests something special. Summertime in Solivita Florida brings lazy afternoons at the pool, fireworks, cookouts, beautiful summer storms, and yes summer heat.
Since moving from NJ to Central Florida over 17 years ago I have been tracking NJ summer temperatures vs Central Florida summer temperatures, and I’ll be darned, but most days our Florida temperatures are about the same as NJ. The Florida Bonus; here we all have Central Air to keep us cool on a hot day.
The one difference I found is, in NJ the temperature cools down after Labor Day. In Florida, our temperatures generally start to cool down in October, making our Summer last just a bit longer. The big difference; our winters are glorious, our skies are always blue, and our night skies are full of stars; since we do not have much artificial light. We have a telescope on our lanai and have enjoyed many evenings gazing at the stars in the night skies.
Solivita and Central Florida have lots to offer besides beautiful weather. Come on down for a Visit, Take Advantage of Solivita Discovery Days and see for yourself. It is fun way to preview the best years of your life yet to come. Complete the form on our website and I will be in touch with you shortly.