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Staying Safe, and Staying Centered

We are all concerned about our potential exposure to Covid-19 while trying to still get our workout routines in. Lee and I are not currently visiting the gym. During this Crisis we are trying to maintain a workout routine by walking, biking, and doing Yoga. We are riding bikes, I am riding a stationary bike, and a few days a week you will see Lee riding his bike through the neighborhood. We are also enjoying walks around the ponds, lakes, neighborhoods and on early morning weekends driving to a lovely park and walking a trail. As for working out at home, we are doing that too. Beside the health benefits of working out and keeping active we are trying to ward off “cabin fever”. We have relocated some of our Florida Room Furniture and a few times a week are exploring the benefits of yoga and using our Florida Room as a temporary yoga studio. Yoga is new to me, but so far, I am enjoying the peace and tranquility this quiet form of exercise brings. Of course, as the weather cools, our lanai will be the perfect place to enjoy a Yoga Session. Whatever it takes to get through this, get through this we all will, and at the end we will all be SOLIVITA STRONGER for it.