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Social Distancing Fun!

Remember the Drive-In Movies of your Youth?. I remember them fondly, my Mom and Dad would pack a cooler, put us in our PJ’s and load us up in our Chevy Wagon for a family night of fun. I can still feel the anticipation, Mom would let us choose our snacks and our drinks, she would make sandwiches, pack blankets and pillows, and together we would drive to the local theater. Our Drive-In Theatre was the Route 46 Drive-In, only one mile from our home, and it was a night we always looked forward to. Now that I look back on those evenings, I see the method to my parent’s madness was not to entertain us, but rather to get us to go to sleep so they could enjoy a movie in peace. It worked, we had fun, and were asleep about the time the skies darkened, and mom and dad’s plan of a quiet evening came together. With COVID-19, it seems like now is the perfect time to revisit an old favorite activity.

I hear that the Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre is the perfect, safe, evening out. You can visit the Silver Moon Theater at 4100 New Tampa Highway in Lakeland or visit their website at Enjoy a movie, purchase a few VERY INEXPENSIVE snacks, and have a fun night out while social distancing, just remember to bring the bug spray. The Drive-In, so I’ve heard, is quite busy, but a fun night out in the safety of your own CHEVY?! I think this OLD IDEA may be catching on. Florida has quite a few Drive-In Theatres in Operation, but the closest one to Solivita is the Silver Moon Drive In Lakeland. If you are up for a bit more of a drive, visit the Ocala Drive-In or the Fun Lan Drive-In in Tampa.