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Road Trip Two Days in Jacksonville

Recently our Office Manager took a few days away to visit Jacksonville. In the past they have only gone to Jacksonville to attend a seminar, or to visit a doctor, but this time decided to stop and enjoy a few days away, just for the fun of it. They spent an afternoon at the Zoo, followed the next day by a trip out to Cumberland Island to see the wild horses. The weather in Florida is refreshing now, and in our opinion, the perfect time for a short get away. Together they spent an afternoon at the Zoo and Gardens they report that the zoo “was delightful.” The Jacksonville Zoo although quite nice, is much smaller than the Bronx Zoo, a zoo in their old neighborhood. The Jacksonville Zoo is staffed with knowledgeable keepers with lots of well cared for, healthy animals in residence. They purchased an all-inclusive ticket, that provided them with the ability to hand feed the giraffes and the Lorikeets. At first, Linda admits, they were a bit reluctant, but the keepers were on hand to guide guests, and they walked away from the experience feeling lucky to have had an opportunity to be so close to these beautiful creatures.

Jacksonville has some good restaurants, a nice riverfront, and great shopping at the St. John’s Town Center. Truth be told, they liked the zoo, but they also liked the shipping at the Town Center, Linda admitted she was conflicted as to her favorite destination, she enjoyed both but did say the shopping was fabulous. The following day they drove up to Amelia Island and picked up a boat headed for Cumberland Island. You know the island; it is where JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette were married. Cumberland Island stretches eighteen miles north and south and ranges from three fourths to two and a half miles wide. Expansive salt marshes and tidal estuaries are protected on the island’s west side, and from the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The island is a quiet, remote island and a great place to spend the day hiking, picnicking, enjoying the wildlife and viewing the wild horses. Cumberland Island does have an Inn, the Greyfield, and it looks to be a fabulous, private place to enjoy a few days away from it all. Maybe someday in the far, far, future when Lee and I have retired and our cell phones are no longer attached to us, we will spend a few nights enjoying this spot, but for now, I am providing you with the info for Greyfield Hotel. If you do get to visit the Greyfield, please send me your thoughts on this remote but exceptional place. It looks like an awesome get away for a few days.