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Resilient Landscaping

Resilient Landscaping that Looks Lovely & Ups Your Curb Appeal plus your selling price.

A lovely landscape is great for curb appeal and increases the value of your home while bringing joy to the gardener or the homeowner who plans, plants, and sits back, and enjoys their landscape bloom and flourish.

While no one can control Mother Nature, homeowners can make choices better suited for the strong, sunny climate of Central Florida. Smart landscaping choices can also reduce energy usage. The right trees and shrubs can block wind and provide shade in the heat. Do some research on your outdoor garden space, check the amount of sun and shade in different parts of your planned garden, and include in your research some soil knowledge, as your soil may be wet in some areas yet dry in others. This is the key to planting the right plant in the right space. Adding fresh Mulch once per year will help plantings retain moisture and prevent erosion. So, like real estate “location, location, location” is important for plants too. Example: Hydrangeas need lots of sun or they won’t bloom, and ferns need to be shaded to be happy.

When choosing your plantings know the animals that frequent your lawn and avoid plants that attract them. Example, deer love Hosta and roses, so if you have deer around avoid these plants. When adding hardscape to your garden consider which types will wear best in the Central Florida Climate. Look for materials that won’t fade and will allow water to seep into the ground.

When we first moved in we built a trellis from cedar, planted it, and enjoyed it for about 5 years. It was lovely, only to rot in this wet, humid climate, unfortunately we had to remove it. Our current trellis is steel and has held up well over time. A lesson learned.

During the Pandemic, while we were all staying in, gardening became a great passion and beautified our landscape and our life. Pick up a shovel, and plant something, it is fun to see your garden grow.

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