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Reopened and ready!

If you had planned to visit Solivita, but the Coronavirus has delayed your visit, Bella Verde Realty wants you to know you can visit us on the web and purchase your piece of Paradise remotely. We are fine here, staying #SolivitaStrong, praying for folks working to keep us safe, fed and healthy, praying for the unfortunate souls throughout the world who are sick, and the souls of those who have passed. We continue to pray for safe medical intervention and a vaccine. Times are trying for everyone, everywhere, but we are all in this together and together we will get thru this. During the last 60 days, for our safety and yours, many homes were Temporarily Off the Market (TOM), but we are happy to announce that since the state of Florida has opened, homes are back on the market and selling quickly!

Our website lets you take a Virtual Tour of any home in Solivita. If you do not want to wait, the time is now, wait no longer, Bella Verde Realty has you covered. Walk through our website and visit every home available for sale in Solivita. If, after visiting our site, you find a home you want to see, we will be happy to meet you, show you around the neighborhood, and personally walk you through a home, or virtually visit with you and walk you through homes on Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype. The market is moving quite briskly, as many folks are re-locating from the densely populated cities to a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle.

Looking back at life in Central Florida before the Pandemic and all the fun we miss. We can assure you that fun times are returning as we are starting to see small groups of folks enjoying time together while maintaining a safe distance. Our friends and neighbors are being creative and hosting small gatherings in their driveways, on their lawns, or while parked in their golf carts. Our pools have reopened, our golf courses are green, and balls are again flying, and our walking trails are a great way to stay in shape. In Solivita, we have no excuse to not get out and enjoy a bit of Florida sunshine.

The good news is that our air is less polluted around the world, our roads are safer due to less traffic, gas prices are down and the pollution that flows daily from our factories into our rivers, streams and oceans has been reduced. Every coin does have two sides, and sadly the shutdown left a tremendous number of our fellow citizens unemployed and struggling. Solivita is a great community of folks and I am happy to report that together our neighborhoods have pitched in and helped to raise food and awareness for our local food pantries. We surely have a lot of caring folks in this community, thank you Solivita for making us proud to live, work and help lots of new folks find their perfect home in the Solivita sunshine.