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Pizza in Central Florida

Lee and I were originally from NJ, about 3 miles on Route 4 and over the GW Bridge, so it goes without saying, we are also pizza fans. Our favorite pizza is pizza margherita and we both enjoy it well done, with a thin crust, extra garlic and finished with fresh basil. I make pizza, when time permits, and I must say it is quite good, but we do miss being able to walk to our local pizzeria and pick up a slice. Finding pizza we love in Central Florida has not been an easy task, at least it has not been easy for us. We are happy to report we have found two places that make pizza almost as good as the pizza of our NJ/NY Youth and are happy to share both locations with you.

Lee and I enjoy the flatbreads served at the Solivita Bistro; they are fresh and crispy plus, are always served with a salad. Convenient to order and pick up in our golf cart. When we are local, we run to the bistro for a quick lunch or dinner. The Bistro makes it easy for both of us and it is nice to have this convenience in Solivita. Now, when we want pizza reminiscent of our youth, we head to downtown Kissimmee for Broadway Pizza. You can order pizza your way, thin crust or regular, well done and crispy. The pizza is always fresh and flavorful with lots of topping choices. In addition, Broadway serves up fresh salads and has wine and beer on tap. Our other favorite is Bistro Pizza (Arabella’s Casual Dining Establishment) in Winter Haven. We like the pizza, but we love the crispy delicious calzones and stromboli Bistro serves. The dough and fillings are delicious, and the food comes to your table hot and crusty. Bistro Pizza has a brick oven and hand tosses their pizza dough, plus they have a wine list, beer on tap, and serve a delicious cappuccino for dessert. At this moment our search for good pizza has ended, but now the search begins for a good Thai Restaurant. If you know of any in our area, please let us in on your secret. Visit us on facebook at Bella Verde Realty or email me at

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