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Patriotic Retirement: Living In Solivita Retirement Community

Solivita Retirement Community Determined To Be Most Patriotic

Looking for yet another great reason why living in Solivita retirement community, Florida’s 4th largest active retirement community, is amazing? If you think about the two championship golf courses, countless recreation courts, spas, pools, fitness centers, and wonderful dining options, you might say, “what more could I ask for out of a retirement oasis?”… Well, living somewhere you can feel a true sense of community and love of country!

Who’s Making Headlines?

Among the many Solivita retirement community clubs and groups is the Veterans Club of Solivita, a group dedicated to making Solivita the most patriotic community in the country. The club has an initiative called “Flags Over Solivita”, that aims to display a U.S. Flag in front of every home within the Solivita retirement community to recognize and celebrate selected holidays throughout the year. The club has had much success in getting the Solivita retirement community to join the program and has even gotten the attention of the local news.
Here are the patriotic holidays the Veterans Club of Solivita plans to display our nation’s flag:

  • Presidents Day – Feb 20th
    UP – 2/16/17 & Down 2/24/17
  • Memorial Day – May 29th
    UP – 5/25/17 & Down 6/2/17
  • Flag Day – June 14th
    UP – 6/10/17 & Down 6/18/17
  • Independence Day – July 4th
    UP – 7/1/17 & Down 7/8/17
  • Labor Day & 9/11 – September 4th
    UP – 8/31/17 & Down 9/15/17
  • Veterans Day – November 11th
    UP – 11/7/17 & Down 11/15/17

Solivita Retirement Community On Memorial Day

This Memorial Day holiday we couldn’t help but smile as we witnessed the red, white, and blue flood the streets of Solivita – what a sight! We managed to take a few photos of the flags displayed during the week of Memorial Day.
Solivita Retirement Community Flags
Solivita Retirement Community Memorial Day

How To Join The Initiative

If you want to join this initiative, the Veterans Club of Solivita has an online order form that someone interested in participating can complete and submit. There are deadlines for each Flags Over Solivita display, so you will want to make sure you pay close attention to those if you want to participate in the initiative. The next Flags Over Solivita display begins July 1 in honor of 4th of July. Our beautiful Solivita retirement community will once again be flooded in red, white, and blue with flags proudly waving!