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Orchids, Orchids, Orchids

Our Orchids are blooming like crazy; we are enjoying an explosion of pink, orange, white, purple, and yellow blooms, and they are just beautiful. We feel lucky to live so close to BOK TOWER. The secret reason our orchids are so prolific is last year we enrolled in an Orchid Class at BOK TOWER. You know how it goes, you solve one problem and another problem crops up. Our current Problem, we need to expand the lanai to accommodate the abundance of tender, but strong, beautiful orchids that are blooming. We are Feeling Lucky that we have been so successful in our quest for color. I feel an affinity to orchids, as they are tender yet strong, two qualities that are attractive in life, flowers, and people. So, we pot, we plant, and we enjoy every bloom. BOK Tower has so much going on, between the classes, the gardens, the Farm to Table Dinners, the garden concerts, and the Terrace Events, BOK will keep you busy. I am glad it is a quick 25 minutes to the gardens, and even on a hot day, you can usually find a cool spot under the trees. Unfortunately, we did not have time to visit Pinewood Estate this year to see the Holiday decorations, but there is still time for you to visit. Go to Bok’s Website and see what tickets, events, activities are available, enroll or buy a ticket, I know you will enjoy whatever you choose to do in the garden. Bok’s website is: If you have time, BOK is also a great place to volunteer and learn about gardening from the masters.