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Orchids on our Lanai

We generally have lots of Orchids in bloom, especially at this time of the year, but unfortunately not so this year. Over a year ago, we had a storm blow through our lanai, it blew all our orchids off the garden shelves leaving us with shattered pots, broken orchid stems and uprooted plants. We rebuilt the orchid bench, repotted, fertilized, and nurtured the orchids and hoped for recovery. We have had a few blooms, but unfortunately, we seem to have lots of unhappy orchid plants. Quite a few factors could be at play; the winter seemed cooler than normal, we have had quite a bit of rain; and our orchids did have a huge shock. Lee and I are giving our Orchids one last chance to regain their former beauty. Over the last few weeks, we trimmed the orchids back, repotted them again, and fingers crossed, so far our orchids seem to have a new vitality. We are looking forward to seeing beautiful colorful blooms. We do have some good Orchid News, our Chocolate Orchid is blooming, happy, and providing us with beautiful delicate blooms and a delicious chocolate fragrance.

Now that we are vaccinated, we are starting to go out and about. We are still maintaining social distance and wearing masks; but have lots of plans for “restart" back to life, we once called normal. I personally am looking forward to enjoying lunch in a restaurant outside, visiting the hairdresser, getting a manicure, and taking myself on a shopping spree without feeling anxious or worrying if my actions will result in illness. It has been a long time, and I have a lot of pent-up shopping energy. Hope the local stores are well stocked because here I come and am bringing Mom along too; she can’t wait!!!