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News from the Lanai Garden

Our family is having a good time growing and harvesting fresh salad, spinach, celery, and herbs from our “family farm” on the lanai. My sister and her husband have multiple planters filled with good organic soil and lots of veggies. Turns out they do have green thumbs and are harvesting some amazing fresh produce. Daily they pick greens for their own use, plus have filled many salad bowls for our table. The greens are fresh, delicate, tender, and tasty. This has turned out to be a good source of veggies, we make less trips to the market, and a nice diversion from life’s stresses.

My family all seem to have green thumbs and now that most of us live in Florida we all are growing Orchids. Last year we had a bumper crop and this year, we are again looking at hundreds of potential blooms. We are counting down the days until the Orchids begin to bloom again. Over the last year we have had quite a few of our orchids sprout babies on their flower stalks. This is the first year we have had this happen, the baby plants or “keiki” will need to be removed and potted so they can continue to grow. I have been reading up on the process and in the spring, once the weather is a bit warmer and the roots a bit longer, I will jump in, cut the keiki with longest roots and pot her. If it works, I will try the rest. From all I have read, it will take a few years to see blooms, but it will be a fun growing experience.