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Moving In and Moving Out. Who do you Notify?

It is always fun to move to a new address and begin a new adventure, but to be honest the moving part is not so much fun. Between deciding what to pack and, more importantly what not to pack, to interviewing movers, to obtaining moving estimates, the task seems daunting.

Lately we have had many sellers decide to sell their homes furnished, or to sell most of their furniture prior to listing their home. It is a good idea to lighten the load, moving costs have become quite expensive, and it is fun to start over with some new items. Our tastes change, styles change, and our needs change, at this stage, who needs place settings for twenty. As a realtor I recommend that when you decide to list your home you take a good hard look at what you really want to move to your new address, what to donate, and what to sell. In Solivita it is easy to purchase items from folks in our community but, if it is new furniture you seek, furniture stores are all over the world and that includes Florida. Of course, antiques, artwork and cherished items should move with you to your new address. If you are moving a Piano, a hot tub, refrigerator, or any other heavy items, please get a price to move the item before making a final decision. I have found through my own home moves and our many client moves, that sometimes it costs more to move an item than it is worth.

Knowing whom to notify when you move is essential to making a smooth transition. I have made a checklist to help reduce the stress and worry that will accompany any move.

  • The Post Office
  • Your Employer
  • Utilities
  • Financial Institutions
  • The DMV
  • Insurance Providers
  • IRS –
  • Cellphone provider
  • Social Security Administration
  • Voter registration – In Florida when you register your car at the DMV you can register to vote too.
  • Health Care Providers
  • TSA Precheck/Global Entry
  • Subscriptions
  • Family and Friends

You can make the move less stressful by planning in advance, hiring a qualified team of moving professionals and “rolling with the punches” just in case the move is not as smooth as you planned. However, the move goes, once you arrive at your new home in Florida rest assured your new home will be ready to welcome you. The fun begins the minute you open the door and start getting settled in. The pools are perfect, the weather is sunny, the grass is green, and the skies of Central Florida are blue. There is always time to unpack the boxes, but first take a walk around your new neighborhood and embrace the start of your new adventure.