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Maintaining Your Solivita Home

Home Maintenance in Solivita. Our HOA requires that every 7 years our Home’s Exterior must be repainted. This rule certainly keeps the homes in Solivita looking good, but not every homeowner is excited about the work or the expense of a repaint. With that frame of mind, my sister, Linda, and brother in-law reluctantly went to the Office in Solivita to look through paint colors and to their surprise, loved what they saw. They both came away from the paint sample books excited about the new paint selections and a fresh look for their home. In fact, the new colors sparked their interest in not only changing the paint colors but their entrance too. Eager to make changes, they went shopping and had a blast redecorating. They had their front patio redone, planted a new garden, installed new outdoor lighting, purchased new outdoor art, a fountain and new furniture. Change of heart, they now sing the praises of a redo every 7 years. Linda said “It forced us to look at our space with fresh eyes. We had fun redesigning the front of our home and we love the way the project turned out.” Their home looks fresh, and they are thrilled with their new look. This week I overheard Linda telling a client, who too was reluctant to paint their home, about her positive experience and it inspired me to draft this article. So, if you receive the dreaded time to paint your home letter, do not dread the task, but embrace the project and bring joy to your life with a fresh new look for your home.