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Love Your Landscape

Are you tired of working in the house, why not love your landscape and make a few changes to your garden? We are lucky in Solivita, our HOA and landscapers take care of the mundane landscaping chores, by maintaining our lawns, trimming our trees and bushes, chipping and edging our planting beds, and shaping our landscape; but as a homeowner we can plant, decorate and make easy, pleasing changes to our landscape. Recently, with friends, we designed a small garden patio and now enjoy morning coffee in our new garden while the sounds of our new fountain bubble away. It is pleasant, easy to maintain, and a new space to visit with neighbors and friends as they stroll by on their daily walks. Plus, we have found our new garden space to not only be a great spot for our enjoyment, but an enhancement to our property value as well. Seems like this garden improvement is a WIN, WIN for us.

At my mom’s house, we all went to work and added a few colorful flowers, some attractive pots, removed a few bushes, and added solar lights. All in a day’s work, and now not only is her landscape colorful, but her pathways shine brightly in the evening too. All Small changes that have a huge impact.