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Home Features That Buyers Love

We rarely recommend homeowners make substantial upgrades to their homes when it is time to sell. After all, you won’t be living in the home much longer, and most home remodeling costs will only increase your home value by 50% to 80% of the cost of the upgrade. If during your life in your home you have made upgrades, improvements, and maintained your home in good condition, you will reap the benefits of these improvements upon the sale of your home. A well-maintained home and a home with added features will spend fewer days on the market, will distinguish itself from other homes (especially in a production built community), and will return a higher sales price. Never forget, the real benefit you will gain from your improvements is that along the way you enjoyed the changes/upgrades you made. NAR Statistics (National Association of Realtors) confirm that making small upgrades over time benefit the seller immensely. The improvements you make do not have to be costly as some of the improvements listed below prove, you can get a good ROI without breaking the bank. The following features are features home buyers look for. Most of the homes in Solivita are constructed with the features below, but If you have an older home, some of these features can be accomplished without a huge expense.
  1. Laundry Room – 91% of buyers surveyed by the National Assoc. of Home Builders’ (NAHB) request this feature.
  2. Energy Efficiency – 89% of buyers surveyed request this feature. Buyers are drawn to properties with Energy Star Appliances.
  3. Lanai – 87% of buyers surveyed request this feature. A screened lanai extends your living space and offers buyers the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living at ease.
  4. Ceiling Fans – 85% of buyers surveyed request this feature. Ceiling fans improve a home’s aesthetic, and a home’s energy efficiency for a small cost.
  5. Garage Storage Space – 85% of buyers surveyed request shelving, peg board storage, and/or cabinetry in their garage. We all seem to have too much stuff these days, and this is an improvement that will return a big bang for a small investment.
  6. Hardwood Flooring – 83% of buyers surveyed look for this feature. Hardwoods can be quite expensive, but today engineered wood flooring is available at a reasonable cost and will update the look of your home instantly, plus bring you a good return on your investment. Most buyers today look for carpet free homes.
When BVR develops your listing, we highlight all the features in your home that are of special interest to buyers. A clear, concise description along with photos will peak a homebuyer’s interest and will bring clients and real estate agents to your door. The more traffic we can generate the quicker your home will move from Listed to Sold. It is not always about the photos, but a combination of the narrative and photos that attract a potential buyer. Cabinetry in your laundry room or garage may be no big deal to you, but according to a recent survey, can be an attractive incentive to a potential buyer.