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Holiday Time in Solivita

Holidays in Solivita and in Florida are always fun. Not the typical fun I experienced growing up.  I must admit it is hard to skate on one of our ponds or take a sleigh ride in Kissimmee, but between the decorated golf carts, the beautiful spirit of our neighbors, the Fantastic Holiday Display on Lemon Grove, and the Christmas Tree, Menorah and the Holiday Decorations downtown, the season shines brightly in Solivita.

Our friends and neighbors seem glad to see winter arrive as it heralds in months of beautiful weather as well as the Holidays. Very different from the winter darkness and dread I experienced while living in colder climates. Sure, it was fun to ski, skate, and have an occasional snowball fight, but now that I have arrived at 55+, I am glad to have traded in my Parka for a Sundress. Now the scarf I wrap around my neck can be silk instead of wool and my boots have heels and are perfect for kicking up my feet instead of kicking snow out of my path.

The Holidays in Florida are not so focused on gift giving, but rather on sharing time with friends, neighbors and family. Adopt some new traditions, decorate your lanai, enjoy some egg nog while watering your tropical plantings, or spend a day at the beach.  Having enjoyed the holidays in the cold as well as the warmth of Florida I am enjoying the time of my life in Solivita.

Hope your Holidays are Bright and Beautiful and that you have made some new Holiday Traditions of your own. Enjoy the Blessings of the Season.