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Happy September and Happy Labor Day

Although most of us no longer labor in the workplace, some of us do, and it is always nice to have a day off from the usual action. September is the start of Central Florida’s fall growing season. Being a Realtor has taught me to be observant, whether I am showing a home, doing a walk through for a listing, or just observing life in general, I appreciate the details. I love this time of the year, the weather is about to cool off, the afternoon shadows grow longer and longer, and I always keep a look out for the first purple martins of the season as they travel from north to south. This time of the year ushers in the start of fall and the glorious weather that is about to visit Central Florida. Unfortunately, it is also Hurricane Season, and the time of the year for Tropical Storms. Let’s hope this year the hurricanes stay far out at sea. September is also the time to plant our vegetable gardens in Solivita. Remember to enrich your garden beds with peat, composted products, or animal manures before planting.