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Happy Halloween

Halloween has become a huge holiday. It’s time to decorate the house, carve the pumpkins, and decide what to do on 10/31. A few years back we went to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights with some friends, had a blast and enjoyed a frightful night. We are thinking this year may be a good year to “Do the Time Warp” and tiptoe down memory lane to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We will drag out the toaster and enjoy an evening filled with fun and share a toast to what was. Wondering, if after all these years, we will still find joy in the Rocky Horror Picture Show? I hope so. We may even be able to find a movie house showing the old flick, or a playhouse performing the show, but if all else fails we can always enjoy Rocky Horror Picture Show on our computer. The show may be dated, but we strive to keep current and have the latest software up and running.