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Florida Coast to Coast

Looking to take an easy trip, just for a change of pace, while socially distancing during the Pandemic? Look No Further. Florida has lots of great spots to visit easily and safely.

When in NY I love to People Watch, I enjoy quietly watching the NY attitudes, clothing, hairstyles, purses, couples in love and groups of friends, but we live in Florida. With social distancing people watching in NY is out of the question, so we decided to take a day to bird watch. NY is People Watch Heaven, but Florida is a bird watcher’s paradise. So many birds, so much variety, interesting and a good healthy day out.

Lee and I recently took a trip to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and took a walk/drive on the wild side. If you do not feel like taking a walk, just bring your camera along and take a drive. A great drive is the Black Point Wildlife Drive, it is several miles long and you will be able to photograph birds from your car without disturbing them. Lots of Ospreys hang out there, and if you stand on the shore near the entrance you may even see them catching and eating fish. If for some reason Black Point Drive is closed check out the Biolab Drive. It is several miles away from Black Point, but you will probably catch plenty of action there. You can virtually visit Merritt Island at

We enjoyed our day out and came back with some nice memories and a few decent pictures. It appears that When this Pandemic is Over, we need a photography lesson and a new camera. Of course, to see the most birdlife, it is best to get to the location before sunrise, so you are ready to photograph birds arrive early for the best light. If that doesn’t work for you, seeing and enjoying our bird population around sunset is also good. You just want to avoid Bright afternoon light as is not good for birding, nor is it good for photos. But during the Pandemic, any time of the day spent in nature, makes for a good time.