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Final Phase of Building in Solivita!

Do not miss your opportunity to own a new home in the award-winning premier community of Solivita as we are now in our FINAL PHASE OF BUILDING. The new models are beautiful and make the perfect Forever Home. All BVR Realtors are New Home Certified and a BVR Realtor will help you find and, most importantly, negotiate the purchase of your new dream home before there are no more new homes to purchase in Solivita. As realtors we represent YOU (our client) and YOUR interests. When purchasing a new home without the benefit of representation, your best interests are NOT represented, instead the builder and the seller’s interests are represented. When you are represented by a BVR Realtor, we negotiate, we advise the most cost effective upgrades, we monitor the progress of your new build with the builder, and we assure that you receive the best build for the best price. The bonus to you does not end with the benefit of our knowledge and skills but, our services to you are free of charge as the REALTOR COMMISSION is paid by the builder/seller and not by the buyer. Now that you know the facts, why would you purchase a house without representation? Consider the benefits of using a BVR Realtor, as you receive all these benefits without any commission costs, which is a win-win for YOU. Why buy and build a new home without the benefits, knowledge, and industry experience that a BVR Realtor will provide? Please call one of our Realtors today to discuss this service. We will be happy to work with you and help you achieve your dream build.