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Day Trip to St. Petersburg

Looking for a great deli? If you go to Mazzaro’s in St. Petersburg, you have come to the right place. Mazzaro’s is not exactly the NY Italian Market of my youth but, about as close, as I have found in Florida. Growing up, great delicatessens were on every corner. The sandwich of my youth was an Italian Hero with fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, and broccoli rabe. After all, Mom always told me to eat lots of vegetables. The deli man would layer the lovely soft, warm and slightly salty, cheese on freshly baked crusty Italian bread, add a dash of olive oil, wrap the sandwich in deli paper and tie it with red and white butcher twine. I fondly recall the deli man reaching over the counter and handing me this delicious treat.

Mazzaro’s does make fresh mozzarella, and for an extra bonus, there is a well-stocked cheese department, so you can get all your favorite cheeses in one stop shopping. The grocery section of the deli is well stocked with a large selection of items ranging from fig jam to imported sundried tomatoes. The selection of groceries is quite extensive, the bread is fresh, and the bakery is always busy turning out cookies and pastries. You can eat in or take out. The deli also offers a nice wine selection and a great list of tasty, hot items. Lee and I make a day of it. Before doing our take home shopping, we buy a bottle of wine and enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch we enjoy a fun shopping experience. We love choosing specialty items to enjoy at home, and to share with friends and family in Solivita. Mazzaro’s is a bit of a drive, but well worth the effort. If a day at a deli is not your thing, you can always spend the morning at the Salvatore Dali Museum in St. Pete and then drive over to Mazzaro’s for a snack. However, you plan your day, between the Deli and Dali, your day in St. Petersburg will be a true treat for all of your senses. You can visit Mazzaro’s Market online at