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Comfortable Living while Isolating at home due to Covid-19 Concerns.

Lee, I and most of our friends and families are finding that we are spending more time in our homes than ever before. Rooms that were previously visited only to dust and vacuum are now being used for hours each day. These rooms have now become havens for our safety, and this strategy seems to be a smart one. Our spare bedrooms and dens have become our Offices, our kitchens are running at top speed, morning, noon, and night. Our laundry room is always filled with items to be washed, dried, folded or ironed. Our Florida Room is now Movie Central and hand sanitizer stations are strategically placed throughout our homes. We are also finding Our pantry is no longer large enough to hold the supplies we are gathering to help us live comfortably. We are stocking up on items used regularly as now we are not running to the store to “just pick up a few things”, plus we are heading into hurricane season so we are keeping an extra supply of necessary items on hand, just in case.

2020 Started with so much promise and, if we all keep safe, 2020 will end and with lots of promise for 2021. In the interim, with extra time spent at home, we are reimagining some of our spaces. Some of the changes we have identified are, a refrigerator/freezer for our garage, plus shelving, and the addition of cabinetry to our laundry room. The three changes we are adding to our home are easy, and inexpensive, but will improve our daily living while keeping us organized too. Today, everything we need can basically be purchased online, so we are now busy online shopping for the items we have deemed necessary. Once the deliveries roll in, we will open our bag of tools and make the improvements. I am especially looking forward to the laundry room improvements and Lee is anxious for extra garage storage. We will both be happy to have another refrigerator/freezer to keep our wine chilled and our ice from melting. Happy are the hearts that embrace change, look to the future, and make the current situation tolerable.