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Cozy Solivita Summer Days Courtesy Of Central Florida Rainstorms

No Drought Here Thanks To Central Florida Rainstorms

Glad to say the drought in Florida seems to be ending! Here in Solivita, we get those kinds of Central Florida rainstorms that make the news. It is rainy season and we are experiencing afternoon rainstorms. Our ponds are again full and teeming with life. The frogs are singing and the turtles are relaxing on the shores of our lakes and streams. The afternoon rain is welcome, it brings a bit of cool, and the sound of it bouncing off the roof is pleasant and lyrical.
Of course, rainy days may not always be the most convenient when trying to have a productive day of fishing in our many lakes, taking a stroll through the many local shops, or spending a day outdoors relaxing poolside. The upside to this? After those rain storms in Central Florida fade away, we get blessed with breathtaking views like the one just below!
Solivita Florida Sunset Bella Verde Realty
Although you can’t swim in the rain, there is more than enough indoor activities to keep you busy in Solivita – a seminar at the Palms, a Language or Cooking Class, an afternoon at the Grill or the Bistro, a workout in one of the gyms, a swim in the indoor pool, a trot around the indoor track, or an afternoon in the Solivita Library or Computer Center. Regardless of what you decide to do during Central Florida rainstorms, any day in Solivita is a good day. Come on down and see for yourself!
If you want to get some ideas of what there is to do while not enduring one of our Central Florida rainstorms, be sure to take a look at our Things To Do In Orlando When The Family Comes To Visit article and our guide (downloadable) for a list of great local eats, attractions, and more!